About Us

Maverick boats are cold-molded builds with three layers of 5/16” Laurel Blanco with each layer on the bias.  Laurel Blanco is a very strong, light weight tropical hardwood with a long history of use in boat construction. It grows from southern Mexico to the south edge of the new world tropics.

Each layer is laid up over a custom designed jig, and bonded to the next layer with genuine WestSystems epoxy resin.  Cheaper resins are available, but are never used in constructing a Maverick hull.  Maverick is the Costa Rican distributor for WestSystems.

This method of construction has been used by Maverick since its founding by Richard Lebo a dozen years ago.  The first boat Maverick made, the Spanish Fly, is in daily use as a charter fishing boat spending about 250 days a year fishing off shore. As of January 2014, the Spanish Fly had made over 30,000 hours at sea without ANY construction or material related problem.  None.  During that time, she saw over 10,000 bill fish released.

Maverick boats are designed by Erwin Gerards of EG Yacht Designs of Jupiter Florida. http://www.egyachtdesigns.com

The superstructure is constructed using advanced materials and techniques to produce a composite structure with excellent weight to strength ratios. All surfaces both inside and outside, including the inside of cabinets and seating, are encased in eithe WestSystems epoxy, or fiberglass using the same resins.  After complete sealing of all surfaces is accomplished, extensive hand fairing and painting are done.  This results in the highest quality of finish to these surfaces.  Maverick uses AwlGrip paint and clear finish products exclusively, and has for years.

All moldings and trim are hand made from solid mahogany using traditional techniques and methods by master craftsmen whose pride in their work is hard to find. All plywood used in the construction of a Maverick Yacht is carefully specified by Maverick, and built to our exacting specifications.  We use only WPB “Marine Grade” plywood made using glue that will withstand being boiled in water for at least 7 hours.  The face, back and interior plies are carefully assembled to meet our exacting specifications.

Maverick Yachts, Costa Rica, is one the only builders in the world currently constructing boats with a natural, bright, finished hull.  In our case, the hull planking is accomplished with ½” Central American Mahogany which is bonded to the underlying Laurel Blanco without the use of any sort of surface fasteners to mar the look of finished product.  This mahogany is considered among the worlds most beautiful, and is finished with a recently developed resin based clear wood finish developed by AwlGrip especially for use on boats where varnish products have traditionally been used.  AwlGrip expects this finish to last about 4 times as long as their finest varnish.  Because it is really not varnish, maintenance is much reduced making the care of these surfaces similar to paint.

We welcome anyone who wants to come and inspect our facilities, or our boats.  We will be happy to discuss our building methods or have any surveyor of the buyers choosing inspect our construction.

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